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Modern Forms starts every concept where the future begins.

Our all-LED luminaires and smart fans seize upon the most cutting-edge technology and design trends to illuminate and refresh your home, workplace, hotel or restaurant for years.  No matter how big or small, each piece we create is designed to simplify your life and to elevate your everyday experience.  We are pushing the limits of what's possible, and abandoning the adornments and inefficiencies of the past for a more intelligent luxury, one that adapts you and your needs.

The Modern Forms aesthetic is distinctly minimalist, with subtle influences of Scandinavia and Mid-Century design-a sophisticated perspective that never goes out of style.  With an eye on the contemporary design community, we anticipate new desires and define the trends that fulfill them.  Nothing is ever compromised.  Every piece is effortless, uncomplicated and honest in its execution, seductive in its shape.

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