Bath & Vanity Lights

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Bath and vanity fixtures supply task lighting, while supplementing the general lighting provided by ceiling fixtures.  They are available in a wide range of styles, colors and shapes and are being used much more frequently today than the older bath/vanity lighting strips.

Newer versions of bath and vanity fixtures are available with either glass or fabric shades, which provide glare control as well as excellent task lighting for grooming, applying makeup or shaving.

Finding the right bathroom lighting is important to promote relaxation and provide functionality.  In order to perform daily beauty tasks, a well-lit bathroom is a must. It is important to illuminate the mirror area suitably to achieve overall illumination without shadows. Vanity lights can be in the form of horizontal, vertical, pendants or a lighted vanity mirror. Vertically mounted on either side of the mirror will provide the most even illumination.  Horizontally placed lights over the mirror let the light cast down evenly over the top and sides of the face.  

Composing a bathroom with layers of light will ensure great illumination and ambiance. offers vanity light fixtures in many styles, sizes and technologies. Opt for chrome and glass for a more modern look or a brass and crystal for a luxurious effect.

Choosing a Bath Vanity Light

In addition to searching for the best lighting design to match your bathroom, it is important to know what size would be a good fit. Keep the size of your bathroom in mind: if installing an overhead vanity light bar make sure it is about as wide as your vanity. Sconces are good options for bathrooms with small mirrors and they should be placed at about 28 inches apart from one another and 60 inches above the floor.

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