Undercabinet Lights

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Undercabinet  fixtures offer both task and accent lighting.  Mounted under kitchen wall cabinets, they provide excellent task lighting at the countertop.  Used in display cabinets, they provide accent lighting for three-dimensional art and sculpture.  In workshops or laundry rooms, they are an ideal source of task and ambient lighting.
Cabinet and under-cabinet lights are the perfect accessories to enhance your lighting scheme and design. Whether you are searching for practical task lights or looking to brighten up those toe spaces, these fixtures are the best high-end solution for your home needs. Many of these lights come with dimming controls, allowing you to set the mood and tone for your entire living space. For maximum design points, consider installing direct wired under-cabinet lights. Installing these fixtures will reveal your counters’ true beauty, while avoiding outdated lighting systems and unnecessary equipment.
For the most energy-efficient models, choose LED lights, as they evade excessive energy consumption, while saving you money at the same time. We offer Modular LED Under-Cabinet lighting, with an assortment of accessories, like LED tape, Tape light plugs, splice boxes, power suppliers, and much more! Select cable or wires for your system preferences, with finishes in clear, black and white.

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