Table Lamps

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Table Lamps: Table lamps are an excellent source of essential lighting. Available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and prices, they can be used as a piece of art while illuminating a space suitably. The larger the table lamp, the greater amount of light you will get, so invest in a large model if you need a lot of light and have enough space to display it. If the space is limited, opt for a tall table lamp, which will still produce the necessary lighting without taking too much space.
Ultra-modern and ornate classic styles of table lamps will always cause a visual impact. Just like a sculpture, make sure to choose the best location to boast it. Positioning your table lamp correctly is key. It is also important to consider the light source used (LED, Halogen, Incandescent, CFL) and how much ambient light it sheds, to avoid glare or unwanted shadows. To create beautiful color effects, you can opt for a colored glass or fabric shade, or metal disks to cast appealing shadows.
Browse through our extensive collection of table lamps, which features brands such as Flos, Holtkotter, Troy, Access Lighting, Currey & Co., and many others.

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