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Recessed Lights: Whether constructing a new home or remodeling an existing structure, recessed lights also known as down lights or can lights are an excellent way to add value and beauty to your home. They are very versatile and offer light in either a general purpose setting or as a way to highlight specific areas of your home. Because of their recessed nature you get all the illumination with none of the visual clutter.
Generally, multiple recessed lights are used to illuminate a room, providing a space with much needed overhead illumination, all while being simple and convenient. The beauty of can lights lies in their functionality: they fit smoothly into a space, provide necessary overhead lighting, and allow other design aspects to be the focal point of a room. Additionally, some form of recessed lighting can be in-wall, as opposed to overhead.
There are three sections to compose recessed lighting:
  • Housing: for new constructions or remodeling
  • Illumination: used with medium base bulbs, low-voltage or LEDs.
  • Trim: the aesthetic part of a recessed light. It comes in square, circle or both and finishes such as chrome, white, brass, and even crystals.
For new constructions applications, the recessed lights are attached to studs and the electrical work is run the ceiling is applied. In remodel applications, the ceiling is existent and holes are made to accommodate the fixtures. Need assistance finding the right recessed light system for your home? Contact one of our expert consultants by phone, email or chat.

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