Post / Pier Lamps

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Outdoor Post/Pier Lanterns: Post/Pier Lanterns are perfect to illuminate your exterior setting. These light fixtures are made specifically for outdoor areas, and are wet rated,” meaning they are distinctly crafted for outdoor locations that often get wet.
You can install post/pier lanterns atop a pier mount or mounting pole wherever outdoor illumination is desired. They provide ideal lighting for walkways, gardens, entryways, deck and patio areas. It is important to have adequate lighting, especially for murky outdoor spaces. Outdoor post lanterns are the perfect way to keep driveways and outdoor walkways safely and stylishly lit at night.
In terms of style, these fixtures range from rustic and traditional, to sleek and contemporary. Whatever your design scheme may be, post mount lanterns provide aesthetic appeal, security, peace of mind, and function. Popular brands include Maxim Outdoor Lighting, Minka Lavery The Great Outdoors, ELK Outdoor, Seagull Lighting, and Troy Lighting, just to name a few.

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