Portable, Wall & Specialty Fans

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Specialty Ceiling Fans: Portable fans are mobile and improve air flow around the house without the hassle of installation. These multifunctional fans are versatile by design and will save you money long term by only cooling the rooms you feel necessary. You can take your fans from room to room at your leisure, insuring proper air quality and long term benefits, for both your home and wallet. Portable fans are available in desk, table, and floor models.
If your room doesn’t have enough space to install a ceiling fan, a wall mounted fan is a great alternative. Wall fans fit perfectly on any wall, even on the corner of a room. They are also easy to install, since many models don’t require a junction box, unlike ceiling fans. If don’t want to go through a costly renovation, they can be a practical alternative to cool your home. Many wall mounted fans are damp rated for outdoor use and some models can even double as desk fans.

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