Outdoor Sconces

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Outdoor Wall Sconces: Outdoor wall sconces come in a variety of designs, sizes and styles. These fixtures often complement other wall lighting sources, creating the perfect illumination. If you are looking for practical task lighting or dramatic accent lighting, wall sconces offer the ideal solution for your unique landscape style and décor.
Outdoor wall sconces are crafted with original architectural details, distinct finishes and tones to match any arrangement, with endless designs to choose from. Choosing the right fixture will allow for not only a proper lighting display, but a decorative accent as well. If traditional lighting is your forte, classic wall lights provide basic and neutral tones, highlighting your sconces with crisp colors, even lines, and elegance. Popular brands include Troy Lighting, Hinkley, Fine Art Lamps, and Modern Forms, just to name a few.
Where should you place outdoor wall sconces?
Outdoor wall sconces work best with proper wall-to-floor alignment. In general, higher walls allow for more flexibility when installing wall sconces. While there is no one size fits all solution, it is best to hold the sconces up against the wall before hard-wiring junction boxes. This trick allows you to see beforehand which height and elevation level works best for your outdoor landscape.

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