Outdoor Lights - North Miami Showroom

Outdoor lighting serves many purposes, including providing the finish touch that complements the home, enhancing the beauty of a spectacular garden, or lighting the darkness of night for security and safety.  There are any different aspects to consider when selecting the correct outdoor lighting.

Entryway Lighting.  It is important not to go too small.  Typically lanterns next to a front doorway will range between 25 and 35 percent of the door opening.  Rear doors often have a smaller fixture.  Look for styles that have a full series.  There will often be several sizes of lanterns and post heads to fit the space available.  

Landscape Lighting.  Adding landscape lighting to your home is a great way to boost curb appeal and create safety by lighting walkways and entrance areas.   Landscape lighting creates visual drama when various techniques are applied.

Security Lighting.  While most outdoor lighting provides ambiance and some security, stand-alone security lighting is an additional and often necessary element for your home.  Security lighting is purely functional.  This lighting is needed when you want your exterior areas lit brightly to be able to see any activity going on in the yard and to eliminate shadows.

Outdoor Lighting Materials.  Outdoor lights are made from various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.  Each of these materials can have many types of finishes put on them to increase the life of the fixture.  Aluminum is the most economical of the metals and is not recommended in areas near the ocean.  If the aluminum is powder-coated, the life of the fixture will be extended.  Stainless Steel looks great and is very durable.  Its attractiveness and longevity can be extended with regular cleaning.  Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc and is considered the hallmark in light fixture material.  Brass fixtures will last for many years, and will patina or turn darker over time as they are exposed to the outside elements.



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