House of Troy

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Amid the mountains of Vermont, hand-craftsmanship is a time honored tradition, as alive today as the land itself. In this tradition, House of Troy carefully crafts each light for you by hand, to the highest quality standards.

The product line from House of Troy is the epitome of hand crafted excellence from the mountains of Vermont. You will be hard pressed to find another company that has a reputation for producing light fixtures by hand. House of Troy also strives to offer their high quality products for an affordable price. These two elements working in concert with one another make buying light fixtures from this company a can't-miss-opportunity.

House of Troy designs and crafts all of its products to assure lasting performance. The company sources parts and products worldwide in order to provide the best possible value to its customers.

Over the years, House of Troy has developed solid state LED options for every category of task lamp they sell.

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