Secrets of Using Accent Lighting Like a Pro

     Accent lighting is a fun, somewhat silent and yet quite effective way of changing the feel and look of your home. It complements and enhances other interior decorative features such as wall art, decorative features, and other forms of decor that fills your home’s interior. 
     Using accent lighting, you can add some interest and excitement in a room, highlight a painting, or simply use them to direct the eye to a specific area of interest. If you’re new to accent lighting, these are basically types of lights that add an element of interest and focus to a certain item or place in your house. 
Other times, the accent lighting fixtures can be the art themselves. Additionally, accents lights can be used for mood lighting. You can use them to create an intimate ambiance or add a certain design touch to your interior. 
Some of the most popular types of accent lights include:
  • Wall sconces
  • Track lighting
  • Recessed lights
  • Hidden fixtures
  • Table lamps
Tips for planning accent lighting 
  1. Find A Unique Feature/Artwork
    As a primary function, you want to use your accent lights to highlight features of interest in your home. This could be a fine piece of artwork, a trophy, sculpture, or framed family photos. When using accent lights for this function, positioning is important –place the lights far enough above so that the lights hit your feature of interest at just the right angle.

  2. Do it for the mood
    As mentioned earlier, accent lights are impressive at creating moods. You can use them either to define or complement the mood of whichever room you’re working with. If you’re setting up the mood for a man cave, for instance, you would want to create a cozy and yet dramatic atmosphere. The bedroom would use a more intimate and cozy combination.

  3. Steal The Show With Back-Lighting
    Backlighting using accent lighting is an awesome mood lifter in any room, but more specifically the living room. That glow that mildly shines on the person you’re having a chat with has a way of making the conversation quite interesting.

  4. Play With The Colors
    If you want to add a little bit of personality in your personal space, choosing accent lights in your favorite colors can help enhance the mood uniquely. As you probably already know, colors have a way of influencing your mood and creating a deep impact on your personality at the end of a long day.                 
  5. Embrace the Art
    If you’re using accent lighting fixtures as actual pieces of art, then you need to install them in a blank space that doesn’t compete with them for attention. This includes areas such as the hallways, dirt rooms, petite powder rooms or empty stairwell where walls are likely to be bare.

Accents lights are great instruments of shining focus and directing attention to elements of interest in your home. But they can also work as stand-alone pieces of art when given a chance. You just have to figure out what works best for your space.