Edison Light Bulbs Are Making a Comeback | How To Best Feature Them


If you’re a fan of classic and vintage décor, you will be glad to notice that the Edison light bulbs are making a comeback. The best part is these vintage lights are not about to make an exit any time soon, and this because other than lighting your room, they’re a design statement themselves. And if you think this is not for you, keep reading to find out why you may be wrong.


For starters, the classic Edison light bulbs are now available in LED. They still have the beautiful old-fashioned vintage-inspired look, but with even more benefits – light energy efficiency. The old-fashioned vintage feel provided by the exposed wire filament is, to say the least, artistically interesting, and blends perfectly with both vintage and modern interior décor items.


Here is a quick look at some of the things that make Edison bulbs more admirable than the regular fluorescent or incandescent bulbs;


  • Ambiance: the Edison bulbs produce a warm vintage glow that flushes any living space with a cozy feeling. Edson bulbs might not necessarily be your first choice when thinking of task lighting, but they create quite an ambiance around soft, sectional sofa or dining table.


  • Temperature: Light bulbs come with what is known as “color temperature”, often measured in degrees. The Edison bulbs burn around 2,000° K, which is on the warm side, allowing these bulbs to produce the nostalgic warm glow.


  • Versatility: unlike the fluorescent or incandescent lights, Edison bulbs are today available in a wide range of sizes, designs, and shapes. This means you can easily incorporate them into pretty much any lighting style or space. Whether you want them in tubular and globe shape or in chandeliers and sconces, there is always an Edison light bulb for it.


How to use Edison light bulbs in your home


There are endless ways you can incorporate Edison bulbs in your home, both as lighting fixtures and décor fixtures. One of the best ways to bring the Edison lights back from the past is to use them as pendant lights. This is an awesome idea for both interior home lighting and event decorating. A series of hanging, simple bare-bulb pendants add interest into any space and brightens your dinner table.


If you’re planning a wedding or any party, you can swap the standard lights with Edison bulbs and use them as a bold, bright backdrop –they look awesome in photos too. If you’re looking for a cozy vintage Hollywood-like glam, try installing Edison bulbs around the vanity mirror –you will love it.


Other ways to make use of these nostalgic glow globes include decorating your desk with dimmable Edison lights, placing them in your DIY headboard, hanging them in relaxation areas (bedrooms, lounges areas, etc.), in the yard and so on. As earlier mentioned, you can use these light bulbs virtually anywhere.


The Bottom Line


If you’re looking to create a vintage interior theme, then Edison bulbs should somehow make it to your interior lighting. Give these bulbs a try to bring back the good old memories while at the same time incorporating functionality and design into your home.