A Guide to Outdoor Fans For Spring and Summer

Keeping you cool throughout the spring and summer months, an outdoor fan is one of the most essential features for locations that suffer from high temperatures throughout the seasons. When you want to sit out in the yard or on your porch (or any outdoor area you may have) but don’t want to feel the humidity, purchasing a patio fan or ceiling fan (amongst other types available) for your home can be a real lifesaver. Making full use of your outdoor space is wonderful, so why should the heat stop you from enjoying a delicious al fresco meal or a drink with friends?

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What are the different types of outdoor fans?

Wall mounted: the perfect way to keep you cool in the warmer climate, outdoor wall mounted fans are ideal for those wanting to save on space, whilst having the benefit of being able to angle them to the position and height that you need. Wall mounted outdoor fans are also perfect for homes that are lacking in space as they can be placed above any furniture - out of the way.

Pedestal fans: pedestal fans aren’t just for the indoors. Outdoor pedestal fans are also ideal for smaller outdoor spaces. Able to angle and place wherever you want, you can transport them easily as they are often lightweight. Offering an array of options, from top-line options to more wallet-friendly, there’s something for everyone.

Wet rated ceiling fans: an essential for homes located in areas that suffer from all climates, wet rated ceiling fans have sealed mechanisms, that protects them from heavy or light rainfall. All of the electronics will be kept safe, so there is no worry of them breaking when the weather is poor.

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Damp rated ceiling fan: another popular type of outdoor ceiling fan, a damp-rated ceiling fan is ideal for outdoor areas that are covered – such as a porch or patio area. Having the benefit of withstanding humidity and heat, it will cool you down when you are relaxing outside. The only downfall of this, however, is that it will not withstand heavy rainfall.

When you are on the lookout for an outdoor fan for your outside area, it’s important to shop around to see what you can get for your budget. There are lots of different types of outdoor fans on offer, from different sizes to those suitable for covered areas and uncovered areas. Outdoor fans can also be compared on their power and the settings they have; for example, they can be set to spin clockwise or counterclockwise and may have different speed levels.

When fitting a ceiling fan or other type of outdoor fan, ensure that you are following the instructions and staying safe – working with electronics can sometimes not only be tricky but also dangerous.

Not only can you find a fan that is appropriate in terms of usability, but you can also find one that fits your outdoor decor. Also saving you money on air conditioning bills, it will create a comfortable temperature.