5 Ideas For Outdoor Lighting

When the weather starts to warm up, there’s nothing better than going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Now is the time to do exactly just that. Since now that it’s officially Spring, you’ve probably already been outside and are working on getting your patio and garden to look great. Yet, while you’re busy enjoying the outdoors, you don’t always think about the accessories. So when your lawn is looking great and the flowers are in full bloom, you can then turn your attention to the patio area and the porch out front. One way that you can always bring your outside space alive, is with lighting. Here are five ideas for your outdoor lighting.

  1. Decorative Lighting

First of all, you should definitely think about bringing in some decorative lighting. Because when you’ve worked so hard to plant gorgeous flowers and create a stunning landscape, showing it all off with attractive lighting features can be perfect. With vintage style lamps, solar floor lamps and chic ceiling lights, you can add a lot of light to every corner of your garden.

  1. Accentuating Lighting

As a step above that, you can also use lighting to accentuate your outdoor space! With landscaping lighting, you can illuminate the features you have outside, to accentuate the style and add a whole new level of chic. Even add waterproof lights to make your pond, waterfall, or water feature pop.

Accentuating Outdoor Lighting
  1. Ceiling Lighting

But you don’t just have to use lighting for decorative reasons or within your landscaping. Most of the time, you will find that you need lighting for functional reasons. In your porchway, you may need to get ceiling lighting so that you can see the door and locks. And the rear of your home, you may want lighting for any enclosed areas, or even above seating areas – especially if you want to sit outside into the evening.

Patio Outdoor Lighting
  1. Wall Lighting

Next up, there’s always wall lighting. Because you’ll often need to be able to see out when you go to the trash cans, or when you’re outside in the early mornings and evenings. Again, you can use wall lighting at the front of the property too. This can be very practical way of using your lighting.

  1. Security Lighting

And last but not least, you may also want to think about getting security lighting too. While you may not necessarily think that you need it at first, security and flood lighting can be handy. Not only can it give you peace of mind, should you ever be at risk of a burglary – but it can also help you to see at night. Security lighting outside the house, the porch, or the patio, can help you to see when it's dark and not just light everything up should movement be protected.