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Why would I need a Guardian Plus system for my home?

Broan-NuTone GuardianPlus Frequently Asked QuestionsThe air circulation within your home may be good, but it is likely the air quality is poor. Today's tightly constructed homes are energy efficient but may trap pollutants, allergens and odors indoors due to poor ventilation. The Guardian Plus systems offer HEPA filtration and (on some models) fresh air ventilation and heat recovery to condition the quality of indoor air within homes up to 2,500 square feet.

Would I be able improve my air quality with just a vent fan?

Healthy indoor air requires you add a mixture of regular fresh outdoor air. Vent fans installed in bathrooms or other areas of the home are designed to exhaust air from small, specific areas and typically run only when the room is occupied. They generally do not bring a significant amount of fresh air into the home through the negative pressure they create when running.

Why are the Guardian Plus systems better better than a regular ventilator?

Regular ventilators do not use HEPA filtration to remove particles from the air. Also, ventilators do not recover the energy (heat or cooler temperature) from the air being exhausted. The Guardian Plus systems that include fresh air ventilation and heat recovery transfer the temperature from the air being exhausted to the fresh air being drawn into the home. Reheating or cooling costs are reduced in comparison to heating or cooling air being drawn in through cracks and leaks in your building structure.

Must I also install bath fans if I choose to install a Guardian Plus system?

Guardian Plus systems cannot be as effective if the high levels of humidity generated by today's shower and tub systems is allowed to dissipate throughout the entire house. It should be removed at the source by running a bathroom exhaust fan for 20-30 minutes after each shower. Your bathrooms should be properly measured and fans for each room must be chosen with proper CFM (Cubic Feet of air per Minute). Then the house's general ventilating system can control the moisture.

May I vent my bath fans through an IAQ system's ductwork?

It is not recommended that you do this. When a Guardian Plus system has been properly installed, any vent fan that operates during operation of the Guardian Plus system will unbalance that system, rendering it ineffective. The high humidity from the bathroom, along with any odors, may be circulated throughout the rest of the house.

How much fresh air is needed in a home?

A vent system designed to provide fresh air must provide approximately one-third (0.35) air changes per hour.

To calculate the required minimum CFM, divide the square footage of your house by 20, or consult a qualified HVAC contractor to properly size your building.

Who installs Guardian Plus equipment? Where is it installed?

An HVAC contractor is typically required to properly install Guardian Plus systems. Installation requires that vent ductwork be installed to each room within the house (installation manuals are available in PDF format on our Product Manuals page if you'd like to see installation options before purchasing a Guardian Plus system). Generally the unit is installed in the garage, basement, crawl space or attic. The optimal installation location provides easy access to run ductwork to all the rooms in the home (as well as a source of outdoor air for units with fresh air circulation).

What types of controls are available to operate the Guardian Plus systems?

An appropriate wall mountable control is included with the unit:



Can I wire my Guardian Plus equipment to my furnace so it only runs when my furnace is running?

No, it is not possible to have your furnace turn on your Guardian Plus system due to differences in electronic circuitry. The Guardian Plus systems are designed to run independently of HVAC systems.

Why must I have a balanced ventilation system?

Recent studies show that natural ventilation (leaks and cracks) does not provide adequate fresh air into houses. Energy efficient construction has challenged us to overcome the bad health effects and damaging humidity that tightly constructed buildings have caused. Natural ventilation does not provide adequate ventilation to control these contaminants.

What type of ducting does the Guardian Plus equipment require?

The system must be direct-ducted. That is, an independent ducting system must be installed. Appropriate inlet and exhaust ports must also be installed, separate from any existing HVAC vents.

Guardian Plus Whole House Air Purifiers by Broan-Nutone
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GSFH1K - HEPA Air Filtration
GSVH1K - HEPA & Fresh Air Ventilation
GSHH3K - HEPA, Fresh Air Ventilation plus Heat Recovery
GSEH3K - HEPA, Fresh Air Ventilation plus Energy Recovery
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