Guardian Plus Energy Recovery Ventilator Model GSEH3K by NuTone

guardianplus guardian plus air systems whole house air purifierHEPA Filtration and Fresh Air Ventilation and Energy Recovery for the entire indoor environment. The Guardian Air System from Broan-NuTone is much more than just a standard ventilator; the system transfers both latent and sensible energy prior to circulating it and features whole-house HEPA filtration combined with a fresh air supply and patent pending technologies and manufacturing processes. Experts agree, fresh air Energy Recovery combined with HEPA filtration will ensure the greatest indoor air quality and comfort in residential spaces.

Broan-NuTone Guardian Plus GSEH3KBroan-NuTone Guardian Plus GSEH3K

180 cfm (306 cubic meters/hr.) including  70 cfm (119 cubic meters/hr.) of air exchange to
270 cfm (459 cubic meters/hr.) including 105 cfm (178 cubic meters/hr.) of air exchange
Broan-NuTone Guardian Plus GSEH3KBroan-NuTone Guardian Plus GSEH3KBroan-NuTone Guardian Plus GSEH3K
Counter Cross Flow
Energy Recovery Core




Most affordable in the industry!
Integrated whole-house HEPA filtration with Fresh air ventilation and energy recovery in one box!

Industries lowest total:
product cost for thee three functions
installed cost for these three functions
servicing cost for these three functions

Industries lowest operating cost:
product requires only one blower, thereby reducing annual operating costs.
HEPA Filtration SystemTrue HEPA filter with 99.97% efficiency on particles > 0.3
Airborne particles trapped by our HEPA filter include: Per Dander, Dust, Pollen, Fungal spores, Mold Spores, Bacterial Spores, Airborne dust mites/cockroach fecal antigens and proteins

Pre-filter with a >90% efficiency on 3.0 - 10 size particles to extend the life and performance of the HEPA filter
Energy Recovery CoreCounter cross flow enthalpy core
Long lasting energy recovery core
Core and it's prefilter easy to access and clean
Industries first combination Air Ventilation and True HEPA Filtration unit270 cfm (459 m/hr) of HEPA filtered air (containing up to 105 cfm (178 m/hr) of fresh filtered outdoor air)
Industry first combination product.
Fresh Air Features

Air Duo
Soft Linkage
Tandem "Y" shaped transition provides a single home outlet; stale air is exhausted and fresh air drawn in simultaneously, without risk of contamination. The single hole in a home's exterior reduces product installation time, materials and costs.

Air Duo due -flow Air exhaust/ intake outdoor hooded air vent PLUS integrated grille, featuring integral intake and exhaust filters, eliminatesair cross-contamination. Optional "pine tree spore" filter available for mild-climates with Alphine/ Pine tree vegetation)

AirChoke, in response to outdoor Ar Temperature, the system's AirChoke automatically attenuates air flows to increase system performance and owner comfort

Soft Linkage Damper system. With a single motor we assure proper sealing of two dampers. The SoftLinkage wear resistant cable slides within a pulley to maintain even sealing pressure on both dampers with the use of a single damper motor.

Guardian Plus Air System fresh air exchange eliminates excess humidity during cold weather "heating"seasons
Installation ReadyInstallation kit included (ducting not included)
Integral AirSnap , snap -on duct ports; facilitate rapid installation and eliminates air leakage
Lightweight enclosure with integrated carrying handles
Unit allows for vertical or horizontal installation
Designed for serviceabilitySelf - lubricating motor needs NO service!
FilterGlide system ensures trouble free prefilter and HEPA filter replacement
Filters are changed in less than five minutes!
Owner interfaceElectronic. low voltage owner interface features:
No high voltage wiring, no electrician required
LED indication of the products mode of operation
LED indication of filter alert logic to facilitate owner filter maintenance to ensure peak performance, indoor air quality, comfort and system efficiency, which extends the product motor life
LED indication of wiring errors facilitate installation
Remote control (no need to go to the mechanical room or attic) of the systems filtration operating modes including; normal, boost and recirculation mode
Agency Approvals or CertificationsUL listed
Certified HVI airflow
WarrantyFully protected by a 2-year warranty on all parts.

Installation (Typical Basement, Central Draw Point)
Broan-NuTone Guardian Plus GSEH3K

Fresh filtered air is distributed through the whole house. Only one outside connection is needed when using the Tandem transition and the AirDuo port, simplifying the installation.
Broan-NuTone Guardian Plus GSEH3KThe exclusive Tandem transition never mixes stale air (1) (coming from its unit (3)) and fresh air from outside (2) (going through its unit duct (4)). Both transition AirSnap ports can be fitted with 5 inch and 6 inch diameter insulated flexible ducts.

*Patent pending.

Also shown is the AirDuo exhaust/intake air vent which mounts on the exterior of the house. AirDuo is paintable and UV-ray protected. The AirDuo typical cross contamination is < 3%.

GuardianPlus GSEH3K
Guardian Plus GSEH3K

HEPA Filtration/Fresh Air/Energy Recovery

Guardian Plus Whole House Air Purifiers by Broan-Nutone
Broan-Nutone Guardian Plus Whole House Purifier Models:Guardian Plus Accessories:
GSFH1K - HEPA Air Filtration
GSVH1K - HEPA & Fresh Air Ventilation
GSHH3K - HEPA, Fresh Air Ventilation plus Heat Recovery
GSEH3K - HEPA, Fresh Air Ventilation plus Energy Recovery
(Filters and Pre-Filters Accessories)

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