Schonbek Lighting

At 24, Bohemian glassmaker Adolf Schonbek left his family's glassworks in 1870 to start his own business building crystal chandeliers. He believed pairing crystal with lights to produce stunning chandeliers was the best use for crystal. Schonbek has remained the world's leading manufacturer of premium crystal lighting for over 140 years.

Every fixture is handcrafted, designed and manufactured at Schonbek's state of the art facility in the United States. Schonbek supports their lighting fixtures with high quality personal service to ensure that each fixture is of heirloom quality and will last for generations. Always looking ahead, the company has developed nearly 200 patented technologies that have shaped the crystal lighting industry, incorporating new technology trends into their lighting designs.

Picking a great looking crystal light fixture from the Schonbek company is quite the task. With so many options available, you might have to spend a couple of weeks deciding which fixture is perfect for your home!

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