George Kovacs

George Kovacs is a company that has been around for 50 years making a name for itself in the world of contemporary light fixtures. Known for his innovative and modern lighting designs, Kovacs started his career as a salesman in a New York lamp store. It was after traveling to Vienna with his wife Barbara, a fine artist, that he discovered his true calling. George took design classes with the associates of Joseph Hoffman, one of the pioneers of the Arts and Crafts movement.

George’s newfound passion for modern design led him to use his savings to return to the U.S. and open a lamp store in Manhattan. He partnered with Austrian lighting manufacturer J.T. Kalmar to import, market, and distribute products in the U.S. As the business thrived, George began importing lamps from all over the world.

George later left the retail business and focused on his own manufacturing facilities in Queens, NY. He was an industry pioneer for manufacturing the first American-made halogen torchiere lamp, which revolutionized the American lighting market. His unparalleled eye for design and willingness to take risks made him an icon within the design industry. George went on to collaborate with renowned designers such as Isamu Noguchi, Ingo Maurer, Hariri & Hariri, Karim Rashid, Harry Allen, Rachel Simon and Alecia Wesner.

Today, Kovacs remains synonymous with stable contemporary designs: a sophisticated style with a twist, a visionary of modern design combined with outstanding product quality. George Kovacs lighting can be found in the permanent collection of museums throughout the country, in films and television shows, and even in the United Nations. It is the innovative, sophisticated modern design combined with charming wit that has made George Kovacs Lighting a true legend.

George Kovacs wide range of products such as lighting fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps and bath lights.

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