Indoor Ceiling and Wall Lights

Lighting can be just as prevalent of a design element as all the others in a home. Farrey’ is flush with numerous options for every type of lighting imaginable. Just pick the theme that matches your overall home design. Searching for a ceiling light fixture to make a statement? A chandelier your best bet. Chandeliers have been used for interior decoration since medieval times, but haven’t become any less popular throughout the times. Even though more contemporary designs have been introduced, crystal and traditional models such as Bohemian and Victorian chandeliers are still a hit. Similarly, pendant lights are great to enhance an interior. There are several prices, styles and sizes of pendants available at to make your home glow.

Mini pendants and mini chandeliers are great picks for small interiors or to compose different settings for kitchen islands. Just like track lights and island/billiard lights, these fixtures will help illuminate a kitchen or pool table evenly and make every-day tasks such as cooking much easier and more efficient!

For a different style of illumination, inverted pendants distinguish from other light fixtures because the bulbs point upward toward the ceiling instead of downward. Inverted pendants can provide style, personality, and light in any space. If you need to illuminate your entryway or foyer, foyer or hall lights are ideal to add a touch of sophistication and design.

For low ceilings or to avoid using too much of the ceiling space in an interior, opt for flush mounts or ceiling semi-flush mounts. These versatile light fixtures illuminate without much clutter. Recessed lights are also perfect to provide ambient lighting without taking too much space. There are many models and technologies and different trims of recessed lights available at Farrey’

With this information in hand, you will have the ability to pick all the right light fixtures. With the variety of indoor ceiling lighting available from Farrey's, you can find something that truly fits the style and décor of your home.

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