You Want to Put a Fixture… Where?

Photo courtesy of Hinkley
The first place that you will normally find light fixtures is the ceiling. There are a lot of different types of lights that go in the ceiling but for the most part you will see chandeliers, fluorescent lights, fan lights and pendant lights.
But let’s be original; sometimes rules are made to be broken! Not only are designers and homeowners experimenting with placing chandeliers in less traditional spaces in their homes, they are also getting creative about the placement within that room. Making the decision to hang a fixture lower or higher than recommended can add a creative twist to the presentation of your decor.
Of course you can always try and put other lights up there as well such as track lights and recessed can lights that might better suit your needs.
Photo courtesy of Hinkley

The next most common place to put light fixtures is on the floor. There are many different types of lamps but they all pretty much fall under the category of floor lamp. This is not to say that all of these lamps look the same though, as they can be short, tall, skinny or have 10 light fixtures on them. These types of lamps work great for accent lighting or just lighting up one area and not a whole room.

Another eye-catching design trend is to group small chandeliers or pendants together over a kitchen island, dining room table or coffee table. These smaller hanging fixtures can add a unique look and have just as much impact as one larger chandelier.

Photo courtesy of Hinkley

The last place that we are going to be talking about today is the wall. Sconces are the number one light fixture to be placed on walls. The reason for this is because all of the wiring for the sconce is in the wall. Another reason that they are so popular is because they can be indoor or outdoor light fixtures. An example of this would be the copper outdoor sconce which usually would be placed in path ways, walk ways, or entry ways.

Don’t be afraid to place outdoor lanterns in your home’s interior. Current outdoor lighting designs span the extent from traditional lanterns to sleek pocket style sconces, which ‘opens the door’ for getting creative with your decor. Choosing outdoor lanterns for an interior setting can add a distinct element of style if it works with the overall aesthetic of the home.

Now, with so many cool ideas…Do you know where do you want to put your light fixture?

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