Tips to Make your Bath Look Fabulous- Part 1

For many of us the bathroom is a retreat. From luxury showers to whirlpool tubs our bathrooms have become our private spas. But what if your bathroom is more the down-to-earth typical 5×8 utilitarian box?
Did you know that there’s so much you can do with a tiny bath and the real secrets lies in the accessories
Whether you are looking for ultra-modern wall mounted accessories or more traditional counter top accessories: towel bars, soap dish, toilet paper holder, and so forth provide the finish touch to any bath project.
This month, we are going to show you how to update the look of your bath. You will see how easy and quick it can be, and the result will be exceptional.
Let’s get started…
1. Begin by emptying your bathroom of all the clutter. Eliminate your old towel bars and toilet paper holder.
2. The next step is determining your style. Is your style traditional, contemporary, or modern?  Nowadays, manufacturers have created bathroom accessories to match with their sinks, toilets, and tubs to make your life easier

3. Select the finish for your bathroom. Pick traditional chrome for a bit of sparkle, brushed nickel for a soft glow or oil rubbed bronze for quiet elegance.
4. Add a fresh coat of paint. Try earth tones and neutral colors such as pale greens and browns. But, if you want an elegant look, then try white; it is always a good choice. Lighter colors will keep your bathroom bright while maintaining a touch of warmth.

5. Now, it’s time to take accurate measurements of your bath and find out the number of accessories to match your bathroom décor. For example, a master bath with double-bowl sinks will require a number of accessories compared to a small guest bath.
Bathroom accessories can create order and keep counters clear. And well-positioned towel bars not only offer storage close at hand, but also present a design component to hang colorful, coordinating towels.
So… Are you ready to begin the transformation? What’s the style of your bathroom? What’s the finish you want for your bathroom? What color do you want to paint the bathroom? 

Leave us your thoughts in the comments below; and stay tuned for the next post, we will talk about tips for placing the most common bathroom accessories to make your bathroom look unique.

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