The Ultimate Toilet- NEOREST by TOTO

Ingeniously designed and impeccably engineered, NEOREST is the epitome of luxury.

TOTO is the undisputed world leader in toilet innovation and design, and the NEOREST is testament to just that. It is the first intelligent, ‘aware of you’ toilet that takes personal hygiene and comfort to a whole new level. In truth, calling it a ‘toilet’ at all is far too limiting. The lid rises automatically for you when you approach. But that’s just the beginning.

From a sleek, wireless remote control mounted on the wall, you can control every feature: motorized seat (up, down, temperature), water temperature, Cyclone flush, massage, oscillate, and change wand position.

Walking away from the NEOREST automatically engages the flush mode as well as the closing of the seat and lid.

The NEORESTs Power Catalytic Air Purifier function effectively eliminates unpleasant odors. The NEOREST’s Automatic Power Deodorize may also be manually engaged at any time with the mere flip of a switch.

Here again, simplicity of form follows function. You’ll notice there is no tank. This helps create a more modern, stylishly contoured look. And just as remarkable, on the inside is the Cyclone® Flushing System – a revolutionary way that uses gravity and water for ultimate cleaning, guaranteeing optimum efficiency and water conservation.

Neorest is about elevating every experience to the highest level. So, if you must call it a toilet, consider it the most luxurious one in the world.

Do you wanna have an experience beyond words?? Come and visit any of our showrooms, you will simply LOVE IT!!

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