Take a Fresh Approach to Your Fixtures

It’s the beginning of a new season; it may be time to lighten the mood by modernizing your fixtures.

- Replace dark shades with lighter ones. A small change, such as changing a shade on a table lamp, sconce or a chandelier, can freshen up a space without costing a lot. It is particularly important to use light-colored shades if surrounding paint colors and accents are darker in tone.

- Change the trim around recessed cans. Newer, more popular minimalist styles and a range of finishes are now available, whereas standard white trims used to be the only option.

- If the longer, brighter days bring more natural light into your room, try adding low-voltage lights as accents and spotlights instead of relying on a main overhead light source. Repositionable fixtures offer flexibility and control in directing light individually toward chairs and artwork.

- Get rid of the brass. This finish on fixtures was popular 20 years ago. They are a sure signal that lighting is outdated.

- Add some pizzaz over a dining table by exchanging a chandelier for a few pendants with colorful or patterned shades.

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