Summer style…enjoy the outdoors and beat the heat!

If there’s one thing you can count on in SouthFlorida, it is the undeniable heat during the summer!

That’s no reason to give up on spending time outside though.   There are plenty of ways to keep cool.  If you must be outside during the day, hopefully it is on, near or close to a body of water.  Otherwise, the evening sunsets and gazing at the stars and moon are a wonderful times to spend outside.
Make you patio as luxurious as a 5-star resort.  Invest in comfortable furniture that goes with your own personal style; contemporary, transitional or traditional.  There are many options to choose from, just find the one that fits your space and is comfortable.  Add the perfect lighting and accessories and your outside can be as inviting as the inside.
Incorporate decorative lighting to illuminate the area with a glow that won’t compete with the stars and moon.  Dimmers on every light will allow you to create the desired mood you are trying to achieve, whether you are spending time outside to read or a soft glow over cocktails.  The levels of light will help you create these moods – wall lanterns, table and floor lamps and ceiling mounted fixtures all add different dimensions.
In the heat of theFloridasummer, decorative fans with or without lights will help circulate the air on those hot, still nights.  Fans for patios are available in a number of styles and finishes to coordinate with your particular look and style.
Casablancahas thought of everything by incorporating a sound system in their fan – the Concert Breeze Light Fixture is a light fixture and sound system all in one.  Now you can have light, fan and music all in one piece.
Be sure that all fixtures are “damp” or “wet” location.  “Damp” location is normally or periodically subject to condensation of and includes partially protected locations.  “Wet” location is a location in which water splash or flow on or against a fixture.
Around the pool, be sure to keep the area well lit for safety and aesthetics.  There are many options for around the pool and patio area:  deck lamps that mount directly on the side of a fence, in ground lights, recessed wall lights, and an array of landscape lighting choices.
There is no reason to hide inside during the summer, just prepare the outside with the proper elements and you will enjoy the summer outside, even inSouth Florida.

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