Spring Trends in Lighting

Who’s ready for spring? After a long and dull winter, there’s nothing better than welcoming spring — both indoors and out! It’s a season that means new life, a new beginning and new aspirations. And as life begins to bloom outside, why not bring that feeling of revival and rejuvenation into your home with lighting fixtures and accessories that will uplift your mood.

We have been talking about lighting tips for your bedroom, lighting tips for your dining room, but are you wondering what spring decorating trends are hot this season? Are you ready to welcome this colorful season indoors?

Keep reading and find out what trends you can expect to see this springtime:

Photo courtesy of Eurofase

LED’s are in! LED’s now take center stage. Now, fixtures with new shapes, sizes and configurations are more popular, breaking old restrictions in design and bringing a refreshed look to your home.
Another great decorative idea is to renew your breakfast nook, bathroom, kids bedroom or foyer by placing a beautiful chandelette.

Photo courtesy of Savoy House

 Chandelettes may also go by the term, ‘mini chandelier’. A chandellete is a smaller version of the chandelier. It is typically 9 to 12 inches in diameter but no bigger, as the bigger version is of course, the chandelier. Aside from the smaller size, chandeliers and chandelettes share many similarities.

Chandeliers have recently gained popularity and they can be found in unexpected rooms, such as the bathroom, a walk-in closet, a bedroom or a home office.

You can also add a tranquil atmosphere to your home during springtime by choosing home accessories and lighting fixtures made of bronze, copper and gold; their warm tonalities are perfect to bring a welcoming mood.

Photo courtesy of George Kovacs

Help the earth by decorating your home with eco-friendly fixtures and accessories. Choose renewable sources such as woods, stones, and crystals and add a sustainability touch to your home.

If you are looking to brighten your home, office or business with a trendy or timeless fixture, browse the Farrey’s Lighting & Bath website or come by to any of our showrooms, our experts will help you spring into spring!

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