Sonneman: A Way of Light

If you’re looking for contemporary design packed with functionality, sophistication, and style- look to Robert Sonneman, the man behind Sonneman Lighting.

If you want an expert sales associate that will ensure you get the most functionality for the design look to Farrey’s Lighting & Bath in Miami, Florida. With an 86 year history, Farrey’s offers legendary service and expertise that serves to broaden your horizons when it comes to lighting, bath, and hardware design.
A well designed and well lit space can dramatically improve the feel and the mood of the space. Sonneman Lighting has served to evolve the modern era by introducing contemporary design. And where else better to look for excellence in design than Robert Sonneman, the pioneer himself. His passion for integrating design and architecture extends through a diverse practice of stunning product innovation and development.
Sonneman’s vision is in every fixture, he is connected through all phases of product development and manufacturing, ensuring his vision is passed along to you with fastidious attention to detail and the highest possible quality.
Sonneman’s designs are displayed at Farrey’s Lighting & Bath. Where you will find the most inspiring spaces and the most experienced sales staff. To view the Sonneman Display, stop by Farrey’s at either of our two locations in Miami.

Let yourself be inspired.

Contact Information:
1850 NE 146 Street, North Miami , FL 33181 Phone: 305.947.5451
3000 SW 28 Lane, Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Phone: 305.445.2244

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