Redefine your shower with Infinite possibilities

Transform your shower into a custom-made spa!

“It’s time to redefine the shower” says Phillipe Starck, a designer and architect who designs his works like a director would direct a film.

‘Just mix it’ is the motto of the Axor Starck Shower CollectionIt’s a flexible system that offers different combinations, allowing you create a distinctive and personalized bathroom space. This stainless steel shower blends air pressure with the water so you obtain the pressure you want from this rain shower.

There are also diverse spray styles including uninterrupted flow, soft rain, or whole-body jet for a custom-made shower experience each time.


3 spray modes: they can be enjoyed individually or in combination
Everything is modular and absolutely flexible in its positioning
The shower module is transformed into a showerhead
Positioned on the wall, it becomes a shoulder or body shower

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