Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Damp or Wet – What’s the Difference?

Outdoor ceiling fans are an easy and affordable way to add a cool breeze to your patio area. An energy efficient outdoor ceiling fan is a great way to stir up that much needed refreshing breeze during the hot, humid summer months. You should never install an indoor fan outside; there are specially designed fans for the demands of the outdoors and one perfect for the area you live in.

Outdoor ceiling fans are categorized as either Damp or Wet Rated. Damp rated ceiling fans are designed to be installed in a solid covered area that will never be directly exposed to water and the elements. A Wet rated fan can be installed in a partially covered area that will be exposed to rain. Gazebos, a lattice roof patio, porch, or deck that does not have a solid covering requires a Wet rated fan. If the area is covered but the fan will be installed close to the edges of the overhead protection, then it is best to get a Wet rated fan. A powerful, windy rain storm could possibly get the fan wet. If you are in doubt than the best outdoor ceiling fan for you will be the wet rated. Why take a chance of your new fan not surviving the elements? Another benefit to Wet rated ceiling fans is that you can hose it off! Outdoor fans have a tendency to get dirty quickly, and with a Wet rated ceiling fan is easy to clean as you can just hose it off! You cannot do that to a Damp rated or indoor fan.

If your area is covered but the fan will be exposed to salt air it is best to get a Wet rated fan. Fans that have powder coated finishes will hold up best to the salt air as opposed to those with polished metal surfaces. The darker more rustic finishes will hold up the best to the elements and when they do begin to show signs of rust, it will only add more character to the finish. A weekly hosing off of the salt will extend the life and look of your wet outdoor ceiling fan. If you are looking for a white or off-white fan, you should look for the special UV coating that is available on the more expensive models as that will help prevent yellowing and flaking.

Why not add some lighting with your cool breeze? Most outdoor ceiling fans offer an optional lighting kit. The selection of light kits and glass globes can change the mood of your patio. There is even a ceiling fan with a light fixture and a sound system. With the Casablanca’s concert breeze light fixture you can have a breeze, a light, and music all in one piece.
Farrey’s offers thousands of unique fans from more than a dozen ceiling fan manufacturers in an array of styles and finishes to coordinate with your particular look and style. You may shop our site by ceiling fan style or ceiling fan brand. To find the best outdoor fan for your space use our ceiling fan search feature. Customize your ceiling fans from our selection of thousands of ceiling fan motors, blades, downrods, controls, light kits, glass, and other fan accessories. Start a live chat, visit our showroom, or contact us at 888-854-5483 to speak with one of our specialists today and let us help you pick the best outdoor fan for your patio!

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