Modern Bathroom Design Trends for 2011

Bathrooms are becoming more than just rooms where people shower, bathe and go to the toilet in, instead they become rooms designed around relaxation and calm, where you can unwind after a hard day’s work in comfort and style.

There are plenty of options now available when remodeling your bathroom, let’s take a look at some of them.

1. The use of eco friendly materials and fixtures: Some of the things we’re seeing include water saving fixtures such as the double flush toilet, faucets with sensors in them, that remember your preferred water temperature and shower systems that are programmable to your personal preferences and can help regulate water flow, saving you money in the long run. Also in the eco friendly category are the use of renewable and recyclable materials, such as natural wood (like bamboo), natural stone or reuse of old antique vanity units and bathtubs. Which brings us to our next trend.

2. Antique bathroom furniture & accessories: We’re seeing more and more antique fixtures such as cast iron, clawfoot bathtubs and large vessel sinks make their way into the bathroom. These are great focal points to build on a design. Adding reproduction faucets to antique fixtures can be a simple and effective way to get the old but new look in a bathroom.

3. Eco bathroom lighting with LED lights: We’re seeing more and more use of the LED in the modern bathroom. Eco friendly and nature inspired light fixtures are becoming very popular. We’re seeing pendant fixtures as well as lights within mirrors and along the baseboard level of the floor. LED’s are energy efficient, cool to the touch and last for many many years, saving the consumer hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

4. Modern luxury design: The modern panel and towel heaters are very energy efficient. Designs are no longer cumbersome and ugly, rather sleek and modern. Look for chrome or wood when it comes to heating. Still trending high within modern bathroom designs in 2011 is radiant heat. Either electric radiant heat or radiant heat that’s piped from a direct furnace connection, makes for a toasty bathroom with no visible heaters in sight.

5. Bright Colors: We’re seeing a lot of bold, bright colors used as accents and focal points. Companies are producing colorful fixtures in shades of bright yellow, blue, green and red. It is a striking bold statement and can really pull a design together. Color is also being seen in glass and mosaic tiles as well as wallpapers (that are moisture resistant). All these are excellent ways to create a cheap, effective but expensive looking bathroom.

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