Lighting Tips for Your Dining Room

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A dining room is one of the most important areas of the house because it is used for many activities such as eating, reading and entertaining. That’s why it is essential to have beautiful and functional lighting.

Today, we are going to give some quick lighting tips on how you can renovate this space and create an immediate impact.

Having various layers of lighting is essential since it offers multiple lighting options to the room. This can be done by mixing ambient, task and accent lighting.

Having a chandelier is essential since it often becomes the central point of your dining room. A chandelier serves as a decorative element providing task lighting for the table and accent lighting for a centerpiece.

When we are talking about chandeliers, size matters a lot.

Choose a chandelier that is 12′ narrower than the width of the table it’s hanging over. Your chandelier should hang about 30″ from the table surface in an 8′ ceiling.

You also can add a visual interest and drama to your dining room with lighting fixtures that include shades.

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But…if you are looking for a clean contemporary look, a few pendants over the dining table can work perfectly. Mixing pendants shades with different colors of glass or different shapes of glass in the same color can also add a touch of creativity and beauty to your dining room.

Dimmers are very useful in this area of the house because the mood often flows between intimate and animated. If you have an intimate dinner, then dim the lights; but if your children are working on their homework or you are doing some type of work, then bring up the wattage. Dimmers also give you the option of having full brightness, especially at the moment of cleaning up.

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Adding LED recessed lights is an excellent way to accent the illumination, color rendering, texture and depth of your dining room. Choosing higher lumens per watt, offers brighter light but consumes fewer kilowatts. This is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption and be more eco-friendly.

Recessed lights, wall sconces, and picture lights are very useful because they can complement the style of your chandelier, highlighting displayed pieces located inside your china cabinet or on the wall.

If you want more bright ideas to light up your home, visit any of our showrooms; Farrey’s experts can walk you through the options to create a dining room just for you!

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