Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

It’s time to refresh, especially if your entire bedroom is illuminated by a single light fixture.

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Today, our bedrooms have more use than simply sleep. This space is typically used as a television room, as a reading or study room, and most usually as a dressing room. The lighting in this room ranges from essential to daring; dimmed to dramatic.

But…the question is: what’s the proper lighting for the bedroom?

This week, Farrey’s experts will share with you great lighting tips for this special space. Keep reading!!

Lighting your bedroom is very essential because you want to create a space of relaxation while providing illumination in specific areas for reading and other activities.

Before purchasing any bedroom lighting it is very important to measure the room and know the outlet locations. It is also crucial to know the height of the ceiling. Typically bedrooms have 8 or 9 ft ceilings, so it is a good idea to choose flush-mounted fixtures or semi-flush-mount fixtures since you will be able to install it closer to the ceiling surface to interfere less on the room.

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Location is very important when you are talking about lighting your bedroom. Chandeliers, fan lights, recessed downlights or wall sconces can provide a great illumination to dress and see into drawers and closets.

Keep in mind that too much light in one place is unpleasant. It’s better to use more light sources of lower wattage.

A bedroom with a great dose of ambience is vital. Installing dimmers gives you the flexibility to fluctuate the light to suit different moods and activities.

Lights placed directly over the bed are not a good idea because you will have a tendency to look up at them while you are laying in bed. Instead, choose to have a soft light that is less disturbing and can be obtained by lighting your artwork located on top of the bed.

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There is nothing more frustrating than a dark closet. Closets need good light. Recessed or close to the ceiling fixtures give you good general lighting without taking up a lot of space. Installing in your closet an occupancy/vacancy sensor can be very convenient since this sensor automatically turn on and off the lights every time you enter or exit your closet. This sensor is also very useful inside kid’s closets since they always forget to turn off the lights.

Portable lamps can provide you plenty of light for reading. Replace your bedside portable lamps with a set of hanging pendants or swing-arm wall lamps. You will help draw the eye upward and free up table space.

When you are buying reading lamps make sure that they are well-shielded so you don’t see the bulb and you are able to read without bothering your sleeping partner.

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Wireless control systems are a brilliant plan. They will allow you to control all the room’s light fixtures from the comfort of your bed. They also help you reduce energy costs while creating a comfortable living space.

Now, get ready and use these ideas for the most relaxing, romantic and practical lighting scheme. But… if you need more ideas, visit any of our two showrooms, our experts will show you all the options available according to your lifestyle and needs.

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