LED Tips for Your Home -Part 3


Photo Courtesy of Tech Lighting

Your bedroom needs very little light most of the time. However, practical light levels are needed for cleaning and tasks, and this can be obtained by combining wall lights and discreet overhead lighting that can always be dimmed for ambience.

Good bedside reading lights are essential. This means installing a specific reading light such as a wall-mounted flexible LED as well as a substantial lamp on bedside table.

Keep in mind that LED-powered lamps draw just a few watts but produce lumens of up to 400 while lasting about 50,000 hours – 50 times as long as incandescent lights.


Photo Courtesy of Lightology

Bathrooms are becoming more of a place of relaxation, so having lights in niches help to create a mood ambiance.

• A good way to start lighting your bathroom is to connect bathroom lights with a dimmer switch so that you can regulate the level of lights.

• Recessed and overhead lighting has become very popular, especially for bathroom with low ceilings.

• Having a bathroom mirror with dimmable LED lights is another valuable lighting idea since the lights illuminate and help in tasks like brushing the teeth, putting make-up, shaving, etc and since they are dimmable, you can adjust the level of light as your needs.

• Also, you can add colored lighting to your bathroom; it is very effective and creates a sharp contrast. You can do this by inserting colored linear LED (known as RGB, or red, green, blue) behind cantilevered Plexiglas or glass shelves.

Installing LED lighting is definitely a wise idea to help the environment, while saving you money. Visit one of our showrooms and ask our experts to help you incorporate LED in the room of your choice.

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