LED Tips for Your Home- Part 2

Last week, we talked about LED tips for your foyer and living room. But… what about your kitchen and dining room? 

Do you want to add LED in your kitchen or dining room, but don’t know how? Well.. today is your lucky day!!!


Photo courtesy of Kichler Lighting

The kitchen is considered the busiest room of the house. In the kitchen, we prepare our meals and also we gather with our family and friends. It is important to have a good lighting in this area; ceiling lights, wall lights and focal-point lighting, such as a dramatic or pretty pendant, will all enhance this special space in which we spend a great deal of time.

Also, installing LED lighting either inside or underneath kitchen cabinets is a very good option. Little LED light fittings or LED lighting strips can now be mounted inside or beneath most kitchen cupboards. This sort of lighting can provide illumination for counter-top work spaces or inside cupboards to provide light for storage spaces. These lights are often sold and installed as segments, which are typically connected together to fit cupboards and counter-tops of diverse sizes.

You can also mount LED lights within kitchen furniture due to their size and power wants. This makes it very easy to install them inside kitchen showcases or cabinetry. This kind of display lighting is terribly well-suited to present stylish dinnerware or various kitchen decorations.

Dining Room

Photo courtesy of Tech Lighting

Your dining room is one of the spaces in the house with more activity. For that reason the way you light your dining room has a direct impact in how it looks and feels. LEDs are perfect to meet the varied demands of your dining room.

Spotlights are an incredible way to add space to your dining room. They produce a vibrant light which makes a room feel larger. Spotlights also help with the practical needs of your dining room too. They create focused light which can be repositioned to where it’s most needed. Dining room lighting must be flexible and spotlights can generate many moods. They will give you a controllable level of lighting, whatever the occasion.

Think about dimmable LEDs to create a more intimate ambiance, but remember people eat with their eyes, so make sure there is enough light to see the food you’ve so lovingly prepared!

If you have glass fronted cabinets to display wine glasses or china, LED strip lighting is a must. Glass, in particular crystal, reflects light beautifully and LEDs will turn a regular cabinet into an eye-catching element.

Very interesting Huh?…Well..stay tuned because next week, our experts will share with you great LED tips for your bedroom and bathroom..

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