LED Tips for Your Home – Part 1

Every room needs a good light, but the function of a room dictates what type of lighting will be the most suitable.

Farrey’s experts want to share with you how to make the most of different rooms.

First of all, you have to start thinking carefully about the use for which the room is intended. Is the room going to be used for work, or is the room mainly a space for relaxation and social interaction?

Let’s begin with lighting tips for the entrance of your home as well as your living room


A foyer should always feel welcoming. It conveys the first impression of your home’s interior. Chandeliers, contemporary pendants, or transitional close-to-ceiling fixtures provide that ambience.

There are a couple of ways to integrate LED lights into your entryway:

Consider LED accent lights, they’re long-lasting and extremely efficient, and the bright white light makes wall or artwork color look natural.

Do you know you can have a spectacular living room by just adding some LED lights?

A living room works best with layered lighting that accommodates diverse uses at different times of the day. Recessed lights in the ceiling may be used to illuminate focal points and draw the eye around the space, it will boost the sense of room and illuminate mirrors and artwork.

Photo courtesy of Edge Lighting

Cove lighting, if done well, can be a huge addition to a living room’s design. Like recessed lighting, cove lights can be installed within a false ceiling. The LED lights snap discreetly into coves, creating accent lighting with exceptionally long life. Cove lighting also makes a space feel large and grand.

Also, artwork can be accented with LED track lighting or picture lights.

Another great idea is to install LED lights inside the top of a bookcase. This will show off your books nicely and at the same time you will obtain lovely background lighting in the rest of the room. Another great idea to illuminate your living room is to add some LED on individual shelves to get a similar effect.

Tips for lighting your kitchen and dining room are coming soon… Stay tuned!

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