Latest Lighting Fixtures at Farrey’s & Where to Use Them

Think of lighting as the ultimate accessory: statement pieces of jewelry in a space, adding that extra layer of excitement and sophistication. The illumination can create a dramatic stage for entertaining, or add a whimsical light touch to a formal setting, making it the perfect focal point for design inspiration.

Farrey’s latest lighting fixtures go beyond illumination; they are unique and attractive providing functionality and a touch of personality to any residential or commercial space…the possibilities are endless.


From Ivalo Lighting comes “Aliante”, a pendant light designed from nautical inspiration. Aliante’s shape is much like a seafaring vessel whether a ship or submarine. The pendant light comes in 4′ or 5′, and because of its length can cover a wide surface area of lighting with a slim design. It has a simple overall visual appeal with a touch of style built in as this will not overpower a room where you want to showcase other decor items

Conference Room

Daedalus: The fixture is organized around two delicate curving lines described by the ribs of the central helix. The feathery quality of the glass blades inspired the name: Daedalus. 5′ long pendant with a 17″ wide glass and aluminum helical structure, suspended by aircraft cable from 22″ wide disk.

Dining Room
Inflection: is a compelling form of spaces of encounter- lobbies, foyers, restaurants, reception areas- which can be used alone or in sculptural combinations, depending on the scale and intensity of the room.
If you are a looking to make a statement with an outdoor wall sconce then Silvus from Ivalo Lighting is a must see. First off, most exterior sconces are very small in nature and fail to make much of a design statement. Ivalo provides a compelling design where light is judiciously applied through the glass fixture. Multiple sconces can be placed together to create a larger surface area of lighting. Silvus also comes in other colors to include: blue, purple, and amber. This product is very chic for the right home.


“A ceiling fixture that places a floating assembly of large pebbles below a simple modern aluminum disc. These in turn reflect each other, bouncing light between their taught bio-morphic surfaces and reflecting the environment around them. During the day, the piece acts as a sculptural object reflecting the dynamics of natural light and movement of people around them.” -Ross Lovegrove

W.A.C. Lighting Introduces InvisiLED Tape Lights

Ideal for both new construction and retrofit projects, InvisiLED Tape Lights perform effectively for a broad range of applications including cove lighting, under counters and bars, toe kick spaces, display windows, refrigerated cases, trade show booths and architectural accents. The energy efficient LED tape delivers a crisp, quality light while only using two watts per-foot. It has a life expectancy up to 50,000 hours and operates on a 12-volt AC Class II power supply center.


The magical creations by this Incredible Artist from Holland is coupled with the sparkle of Crystal.

Come to visit any of Farrey’s showrooms to see these unique lighting fixtures and make your room something to talk about.

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