Landscape Lighting with Farrey’s

Landscape lighting plans have become an important part of the overall design of homes today. Homes are being designed with landscape lighting plans that accent the house and surrounding landscape without overpowering it. From the driveway entrance and pole lighting to the garden area with moonlights, a good landscape lighting plan will bring the overall home plan together.

Safety First
One of the main features lighting brings to the landscape is safety. Lighting allows visitors to see their way from the driveway to the front door. Path lighting allows family and friends to move freely about the garden without fear of falling.

Path lighting can be designed to be inconspicuous, low to the ground and soft in hue. This type of lighting is pleasant to the eye, adds enough illumination to see for walking and doesn’t annoy others in the neighborhood.

Moonlights are another pleasing option for path lights. These lights are made to look like moonlight. They can be purchased in heavy duty path stones that can endure heavy foot traffic. These soft lights are covered in a resilient plastic that protects the lights and adds to the glow.

Another safety feature lights can bring is security from intruders. Floodlights positioned in darkened areas of the lawn and combined with motion detectors are great deterrents to would-be deterrents. Burglars tend to shy away from homes with ample lighting for fear of being discovered.

Outdoor Activities
Outdoor garden lighting allows for activities to continue outside, even after darkness falls. Warm summer evenings with friends gathered around the garden become more enjoyable with a good lighting design. Using lights to add to the theme of the evening or to highlight focal points is all part of a good design.

In addition to lighting for paths, tikki torches can be used to add ambience and a feel of the tropics. To continue the tropic feel, rope lighting can be draped in and around bushes and trees, adding the feeling of twinkling stars. Rope lighting can also be placed around the edges of tables or the pool to outline the objects.

Outdoor garden lighting can be used to spotlight water features in a unique manner. Using softly colored lighting, available in various hues, pools and ponds can be uniquely highlighted, for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Pool lighting creates interesting shadows that dance across the water.

Simply Understated

Outdoor landscape lighting plans do not have to ornate or complicated. Some homeowners might only want enough lighting added to show the way to the door and keep intruders at bay. Depending on neighborhood codes and home owner’s association rules, the lighting plan may have to be low-scale. This doesn’t mean that a good lighting plan can’t be designed.

Low-voltage, softer hues, and smaller lights can all be used to make a simple lighting design that enhances the home and yard without going overboard.

Regardless of the lighting plan, outdoor garden lighting is something all homeowners should consider for safety and enhancement to the home. Homeowners can design their own plan as they go or hire a professional landscape lighting designer to design it for them. Either way, the end result will light up the night.

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