Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Photo Courtesy of ELK Lighting

Now that February is here and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Many of you are probably thinking of preparing a romantic dinner to impress your loved one. So, this is the perfect moment to check the lighting in your kitchen, do you have enough light? Do you have dimmers installed?

While the kitchen is primarily a work area, it may also be used for dining or as a gathering place for family and friends. That’s why it is very important to have a perfect lighting.

When we think about lighting our kitchen, we immediately think about recessed cans, but do we actually know how many recessed lights can be use to have the proper lighting?

Recessed fixtures flood a room with a lively glow that helps eliminate shadows.

Photo Courtesy of Tech Lighting

Today’s recessed fixtures are available with a variety of trims, including metallic, so you can add a bit of flair as well as function. Plus, not all recessed fixtures are round! Square downlights have gained popularity with homeowners searching for a unique design look.

Did you know that the wrong color of light in your kitchen can make skin tones look gray and food look discolored?


Photo Courtesy of Kichler Lighting

But…what about pendants? Pendants are so popular nowadays, especially if they are placed above a counter with bar stools, but do you know how high pendants should be installed?

Generally, the bottom of the pendants should not be lower than 30-36 inches above the counter. This allows for a clear view across the room from both a seating and standing position.

While pendants are decorative, task light can help by adding an extra source under cabinets.

Place undercabinet fixtures at the front of your cabinet – not against the wall – so the light will be dispersed equally over the area below.

Also, it is a very good idea to install your undercabinet lighting on a dimmer separate from other lighting in your kitchen. The different levels of light can add intensity and a dramatic impact to your space, and dimming is an easy way to save energy.

Now… are you ready to light up your kitchen and turn up the romance in your house!

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