Innovation in Luminaires: Swarovski

Worlds of Light with Swarovski Crystal

The combination of light and cut crystal renders effects unlike any luminair. These Swarovski fixtures work with the character of the architecture to create individual atmospheres: clear arrangements, fine structures, playful reflections, a uniform illumination of the space of lighting accents.

These luminaires are versitile and can be used in an array of applications- from the hotel lobby to the wellness oasis, from bars to private living spaces.

Swing Power LED
The centre of this LED recessed luminaire is the brilliant cut crystal in its interior. When positioned near a wall, it creates well-defined asymmetrical reflections that impart a lofty feel and entice the viewer into the expanse of an emerging arch.
The LEDs used gaurantee a long service life and reduce energy use. These are ideally suited for floor recessed installiation.
The Verve

Verve is a versatile and flexible luminaire. It is available as a wall luminaire and a pendant luminaire, each in a variety of sizes. The wall luminaire can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically.
What makes Verve stand out is its fusion of contemporary shape, precision-cut crystal and pleasantly warm halogen light, which gently illuminates the room. Vibrant yet fine light structures are cast on the walls.
Through its simple and yet refined asymmetric arrangement of differently sized crystal squares, Mosaix’s impact is at once elegant and opulent. The wall luminaire is excellently suited for the general illumination of halls, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms in hotels and homes.
Circle appears to hover in the room as if by magic. Its light appears to radiate outward from within. A simple crystal and high quality stainless steel ring with a mysterious effect. It is available in three sizes

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