How to Clean your Favorite Chandelier?

Photo Courtesy of Eurolampart

When we buy a chandelier we usually ask questions regarding functionality, warranty, type of bulbs used, technology, type of illumination and so forth, but have you ever asked how to clean it?

This is a very simple question, but actually the answer can be very tricky since most of us think that a simple cleaning product spray will solve that problem; but guess what? This simple method can destroy completely the frame of your beautiful chandelier.

Farrey’s experts today want to share with you how to properly clean a lighting fixture

The first recommendation is BE CAREFUL!!! When we are cleaning, the tendency is to spray, scratch and wipe; but when cleaning a lighting fixture, these steps have to be used with a lot of discretion. We are not saying do not use them at all; but crystals can be scratched very easily, damaging the beauty of your fixture.

Photo Courtesy of Schonbek

 So, before starting the cleaning process, make sure to turn off the lights and remove all light bulbs. This way any accident can be avoided.

No matter what finish your lighting fixture has, it is always recommended to use soft cloths rather than paper towels since most of these can be like an abrasive to the crystal.

Another important recommendation is to avoid spraying cleaners directly on your lighting fixture. The protective finish can be damaged very badly. So, it is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you still have any concerns at all, dry cleaning is always the best option.

Photo Courtesy of Schonbek

 Using the dishwasher is always a temptation, especially if your lighting fixture has glass shades; removing each crystal can be time consuming and a tedious process; but the new Da Vinci LED by Schonbeck makes this cleaning task a fun project. This stunning piece is considered the world’s first dishwasher safe crystal chandelier. Its perfect sphere design which is composed by thousand of crystal octagons comes apart in sections to fit into a standard dishwashing machine. The smallest parts can be cleaned in one load; and the largest may take several loads.

Although a trip to the dishwasher may not seem well-suited with fine crystal, Da Vinci is in fact composed of the finest crystal in the world: Strass or Swarovski Spectra crystal.

Cleaning your favorite lighting fixture can be a fun task, especially if you follow these recommendations. Always remember to enjoy the process and be proud of yourself next time you turn on the lights!

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