How to choose an Overall Look for your Bathroom

Traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern… What is your style? Still don’t know…

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When you are planning on renovating your bathroom, you have to think what style best fits your lifestyle. For example, if you have a family, your needs would be so much different than the needs from a couple. The style of the rest of your house also influences the decision of the look of your bathroom.

If the house has contemporary features, then a bathroom with a contemporary style will be the best choice to make since it will compliment the rest of the décor of your home.

It is very trendy now seeing older houses with a contemporary look. Renovating your old bathroom with contemporary fixtures gives you the ability to enjoy the commodities of the new technology maintaining the overall traditional glance of your home.

Our best advice here is to go with a bathroom look that is durable and won’t become out-of-date quickly. A popular look this year can be out of fashion in the next year or so. Simple lines and classic styles will last a lot longer.

Choose Your Bathroom Sink Faucet First

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Another good way to determine the style of your bathroom is by choosing the right bathroom sink faucet. Picking the right faucet is the key for the overall look and functionality of your new bathroom.

The number of choices of bathroom faucets will depend on whether you are just replacing your bathroom faucet or remodeling completely your whole bathroom.

There are several faucets’ types available; you can find faucets with widespread, centerset, wall-mount, countertop and single hole configurations.

Widespread – these sink faucets have separate handles for cold and hot water installed in either side of a central sprout. On the other hand, a centerset lavatory faucet usually has 4” of distance between the handles. It can be used with smaller sinks, maintaining a simple classic look that a wide set does.

Wall-Mounted – this type of lavatory faucet offer a very dramatic look; therefore, it is very popular in contemporary and minimalist style spaces. It can be combined with vessel sinks, wall-mounted sinks and under counter sinks without hole drillings.

Single Hole - Very simple style, it has a single mixing handle that works perfectly in small bathrooms and/or powder rooms.

Also, bathroom sink faucets can be found in different shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. You can find basic finishes such as chrome, brass and nickel; but also you will find brushed copper, oil rubber bronze, matte black, satin gold, etc.

Match your faucet with your Sink

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Obviously faucet and sink work together, but keep in mind that if you are replacing just the lavatory faucet, the sink will dictate the configuration of your faucet since you have to choose a faucet based on the number of holes in the sink. On the other hand, make sure that your lavatory faucet will actually work with your favorite sink.

Whatever style of bathroom you decide for will ultimately come down to your taste, preference and budget.

Visit Farrey’s showrooms for inspiration and guide with our professional consultants. A bathroom style that suits your needs will offer many years of satisfaction.

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