Home Spa Experience With Farrey’s

D I D Y O U K N O W …
T h e p e r f e c t s p a e x p e r i e n c e c a n b e a t h o m e

From picture lamps to the most extravagant crystal chandeliers, Farrey’s Lighting and Bath is the Mecca of design. With two showrooms – one in North Miami and one in Coconut Grove – each 40,000 square-foot showroom space has lighting, high-end bath, cabinet and door hardware, furniture and accessories, and that luxurious bathtub you have been waiting to lounge in.

DESIGNER’S TAKE NOTE: Farrey’s is all encompassing, so no matter who your clients are or their particular style you can be sure that they will find merchandise that speaks to them. We’re in the business of selling dreams, and making them easier to envision.

MTI Whirlpools – Nothing short of extraordinary

Customization is Standard
Mix and match style and application.
size. shape. color. whirlpool. thermo-air massage. combination spa. simple soaker. jet locations. LED underwater lights. installation configurations.
Whirlpool/ Air Bath/Combination
The ultimate home spa experience. Customize your bath with whirlpool jets, air bath features, or a combination of both for a light full body massage or a deep penetrating massage.
Radiance uses heat technology built into the bath to warm the surface of the tub for your neck, back, and shoulders.
Simply Soakers
With a re-circulating water heating system, bathwater maintains temperature at a very comfortable 102 degrees.
Bringing You The Best
At Farrey’s we work hard to bring our customers what they need and want. Customization is one way, superior service is another. We have an 85 year history, so we only work with the very best vendors all around.

Farrey’s carries over 100 of the most prestigious lines. Our history and reputation is the defining thread that has kept us growing strong in South Florida.

You can find Farrey’s fixtures in the hotels, condo’s and luxurious houses in South Florida. If there is one thing you deserve to have, it’s a space that captivates you and your guests over and over again. Farrey’s makes that happen.

1850 NE 146th Street, N. Miami, FL
305.947.5451 305.940.3450
3000 SW 28th Lane, C. Grove, FL
305.445.2244 305.445.8717

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