Farrey’s Top Selling Bathroom Products

Bathroom ideas can be found in many places, such as: magazines, books, and even on the internet; but, when you are planning to renovate your bathroom, this task becomes frustrating. With so many choices and ideas out there it makes it very hard to decide which one is right for you.
This week Farrey’s experts want to share with you the best selling bathroom products; many of which cannot be found easily anywhere else.

HANSA CANYON FAUCET- Blend elegance with functionality

Photo Courtesy of Hansa

The cool technology of this faucet is not only chic but also functional, offering you a complete unique water experience. The faucet is activated by touch. The water flow is illuminated and it changes color as a function of water temperature, so you can see when it’s hot or cold.

MTI ANDREA – Your perfect Tub Choice

Photo Courtesy of MTI

Add or remove options and create the tub that is perfect for you. Andrea tub has a clean and sleek line that makes it the most versatile and popular tub. This complete brand is renowned for its remarkable customization options- and the possibilities for Andrea are no exception. Doesn’t matter if you want an air bath or a combination whirlpool/air bath, with MTI the possibilities are endless.

AXOR STARCK SHOWERCOLLECTION –It’s time to redefine your Shower!

Photo Courtesy of Hansgrohe/Axor

Express your unique personality and taste in your bathroom by installing this innovative shower system designed exclusively by Phillippe Starck. Allow yourself to transform your bathroom into a living space full of warmth and personality as well as high functionality.

The shower system’s modules can be installed as individual units, loosely arranged or closely regimented groups. Again, the design, functionality and space interact with each other in a stunning combination allowing you to transform your shower into a custom-made spa.


Photo Courtesy of Duravit

Sensowash is an advanced and innovative toilet seat that combines a toilet and bidet in one piece bringing personal hygiene to the next level. This wonderful piece comes with wash and dry settings, an infrared sensor, and an integrated seat heating. It also includes a special LED night-light function to supply direction and safety in low light.

VILLEROY & BOCH BATHROOM VANITY– Function & Beauty in One Piece

Photo Courtesy of Villeroy & Boch

It doesn’t matter if your style is traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern; Villeroy & Boch has innovative pieces that are elegant, useful and unique, offering you the flexibility to decorate your bathroom according to your personality and lifestyle trend.

Vanities can be found in different materials that range from glass, acrylic, wood, granite, stainless steel metal, dark wood, white, modern black, and more.

Photo Courtesy of Villeroy & Boch

One of the most popular and beautiful lines within this brand is Subway 2.0. With its ample variety of color options will bring lots of freshness, functionality and style to your home.

After reviewing these amazing bathroom products, we are sure that you have a better idea of what you would like to have in your bathroom. Keep in mind that this is a place of beauty and consciousness and where you can leave everyday life behind and gain new energy; so it is important to choose always the best.

If you want more tips and information, feel free to contact us. Farrey’s experts will be more than happy to participate in the creation of your spa.

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