Farrey’s Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Department

Farrey’s Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Department

Perhaps the most under emphasized department at Farrey’s is the Decorative Pluming and Hardware Department. It seems to take a back seat to the glimmer of sparkling lights, and crystal chandeliers. Most do not know that in 1924 Farrey’s started out as a small hardware store in Miami Beach. Back then, Farrey’s sold everything from hardware, guns, and fishing gear to china, linens, and lights.

Farrey’s offers an impressive display of
decorative bath and hardware styles that span the entire spectrum. Whether it be simple, modern, and clean; elaborate and worldly; or antique and vintage, we have it on display for you to see, touch and feel.

Good accessories can make or break an outfit;
just like good fittings can make or break a design.
Finish the look you are trying to achieve at Farrey’s. Our showroom is riddled with an impressive selection of hardware that is sure to add that finishing touch.

Spotlight on Zucchetti

Yes, at Farrey’s we carry the manufacturers you may recognize by name. But what about the manufacturers you haven’t heard about. Well, we work diligently to seek out these manufacturers. Zucchetti is a fantaztic line that not everyone carries.

Every one of Zucchetti’s lines has its own aesthetic “vocation” that recalls a specific architectural language. Right from the start the company’ felt the need to distinguish itself by excellent quality and constant aesthetic consistency.

As early as the 70s they were already producing lines that were strongly influenced by design so it was not by chance that in recent years they decided to work with architects of international acclaim such as Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, creators of the revolutionary Isy system and the recent Bellagio; Barbara Sordina, who designed Aguablu or Raul Barbieri who created Spin. In 2005 Roberto e Ludovica Palomba added theirPan and Soft collection

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