Experience the Luxury in a Bathtub

Do you find your regular bath tub boring and lifeless? If you do, then you might want to check this out!!! Can you imagine enjoying the benefits of natural therapies in the comfort of your home? MTI tubs are focused on the individual and designed with the purpose of promoting wellness and improving the quality of life. The styles range from traditional to contemporary. The shapes and sizes varied, accommodating both single and dual bathing. The therapeutic possibilities are virtually endless. The options are many and the customization capabilities extensive. MTI offers 4 Distinct Hydrotherapy Experiences…Each is unique, each is carefully therapeutic.

Soaking Bath

Nothing is so simple and therapeutic as taking a long, hot bath. The heat and water’s natural buoyancy promote deep relaxation. All MTI soaker tubs are designed for the utmost comfort with a thick cast acrylic shell that keeps bath water warm longer. Which means a longer soak for you.

Air Bath

The blissful combination of water, heat and air movement creates an incomparable effect that is as therapeutic as it is relaxing.The movement of millions of tiny air bubbles activates the lymphatic systems, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins and relieves sore muscles and other painful ailments.


This type of hydrotherapy comes from strategically placed jets that may be targeted to specific areas of the body.This system is ideal if you have a sports-related injury, because it’s using powerful jets that thoroughly massage muscles and help eliminate accumulated toxins.

Whirlpool/Air Combination
Enjoy the best of both worlds with this fully adjusted hydrotherapy system.
Select the light full-body massage of an air bath, the deep penetrating massage of a whirlpool or a combination of both. The perfect choice to satisfy each family member

To enhance and enrich the therapeutic benefits of your bathing experience, you can add these great Complementing Therapies



Whether you prefer the simple luxury of a soaking bath, the invigorating deep-tissue massage of a whirlpool, the light full-body thermo-air massage, or a combination of the two, MTI offers you more than 130 tub styles with multiple configurations to meet your specific hydrotherapy needs.

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