Discover the Top 7 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Do you know what direction to take when it comes to transforming your bathroom?

Bathrooms have always been considered the most intimate area of anybody’s home and deserve a special attention. Therefore, Farrey’s bathroom experts are here to share with you what’s in and what’s out.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you probably have asked yourself; What are the new trends? What would be good to have? Where should I start?

Today, when you flip through an interior design magazine you find thousands of articles talking about the latest bathroom products with different finishes and style décor, but there is always a question that comes up: what is the best for me? Many interior designers say that a home style is defined by consumer’s taste, but the majority of the times, consumers don’t exactly know what is best for them, because there are many choices, and all of them beautiful.

It is a fact that today’s world is led by technology and strong competition causing stress and many hours of work. Therefore, having a place in your home where you can relax, enjoy and disconnect from the world is a must. This is the reason why the interior design industry is observing how bathroom trends are moving towards a style that reflects a calm, peaceful and relaxing environment while incorporating a modern touch. Traditional styles are also coming with a touch of modern and green technology.

So… let’s talk about these 7 great bathroom renovation trends…

1. Colors that reflect a relaxing environment

Transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary can be done easily by choosing neutral and light colors such as beige’s, olives, and pale tones that are known for maintaining a soothing environment. These colors are very easy to match with any style décor and also promote a peaceful setting.

2. Replacing your old bathtub

Photo Courtesy of MTI

Transforming your bathroom into a real spa is the major trend. Replacing your old tub with a spa-like tub is what’s in. Multiple jets, whirlpool action and air bath technology are the options that provide the ultimate relaxation.

3. Stylish sinks

Photo Courtesy of Stone Forest

Today the focus is on vessel sinks that rise up from a base providing an innovative and sleek look to the bathroom. Other options include under mounted, self-rimming, wall-mounted, or pedestal sinks. Sinks can be found in a round or square shape, made from wood, natural and man-made stone, glass, and porcelain materials.

4. Distinguished designs of lavatory faucets

Photo Courtesy of Dornbracht

Even though the technology of today’s bathroom is very advanced, the style of faucets is going back to a classic feel. Incorporating the latest technology with a simply traditional style creates a look that combines the best of both worlds.

5. Bathroom high-tech gadgets

Photo Courtesy of Axor/Hansgrohe

Incorporating technology to enhance this personal space is one of the hottest trends. Shower systems, multimedia systems, and infrared faucets can create a functional and soothing environment.

Shower Systems allow the shower head to move up or down adjusting to tall and short bathers.

Rain Shower Heads provide a great natural rainfall experience since they cover a wider area than regular showers.

Photo Courtesy of Electric Mirror
Shower Massage Systems turns your shower into a true spa through the installation of wall-mounted, top-mounted, handheld and shower panels.

Dual-Purpose Television Mirror gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite TV show and catch the latest news while brushing your teeth or applying your make up. 

6. European stylish vanity furniture

Photo Courtesy of LaCava

Today’s sleek, stylish modern choices for bathroom furniture are replacing the traditional cabinets. LaCava has a broad collection that goes from wall-mount and free-standing vanities to storage and medicine cabinets.

Uplift medicine cabinet by Robern is a remarkable piece that will boost the look of your bathroom. This extraordinary brand made a statement in this cabinet design, by adding contemporary and functional elements that solve the never-ending fight against clutter.

 Uplift Medicine Cabinet by Robern

Its mirrored doors open by sliding upward, revealing ample storage space and down to hide it with a large mirror square. Inside you’ll find incorporated lighting and electricity to accommodate your electric shaver, LCD TV, or sound source!

7. Toilets with options

Toto Neorest

Traditional toilets are part of the past; today’s toilets are more than useful. Their modern design and advanced technology makes your bathroom experience a complete retreat. These self serve toilets have heated seats, automatically open and close, they are self cleaning, and flush when the lid is closed; many of them they even have smart-touch remote controls!

Whether you’re looking to hire a professional to create your bathroom or plan on beginning it yourself, having a look at today’s top bathroom remodeling trends can give you inspiration and encourage you to make your perfect bathroom retreat. However, it’s imperative to remember that creating a bathroom that suits your personal style is the trend that never goes out of style.

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