Creating a Beautiful Ambient Room with Lighting Ideas

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When we are decorating a room, we pay attention to the colors, the furniture, the type of floor, the style of the windows, but do we pay attention to the lights? Do we really choose the right lighting?

In this post, we will go over the main types of lighting. We will share with you the different styles of lighting fixtures and their functions, as well as the special places they can be located to create a unique living space.

Lets’ get started…

1. General Lighting (Ambient Lighting) generates light from corner-to-corner and can be found in almost every room of your home. Ceiling-mounted fixtures, pendants , recessed or track lighting, and chandeliers can be classified within this category. Generally speaking it is best to choose a light fixture based on the décor style.

Ceiling-mounted fixtures can be found almost in any room of the house; especially in the bedrooms, foyers and halls.

What does it happen if we have high ceilings? The best recommendation here is to choose pendant fixtures to create a better ambient lighting result. Usually these areas are: foyers, stairways, dining rooms, and sometimes kitchens.

But, if what we want is to add a unique touch, chandeliers are the perfect option since they incorporate the style and functionality in one piece. Today, the trend has become more eclectic, being able to find chandeliers placed over the bathtub, creating an elegant and inviting atmosphere.
Photo Courtesy of Murray Feiss

2. Task Lighting – The intention of task lighting is to make easy lighting in a special area assisting you to perform specific tasks such as reading, cooking, working, etc.

For example, if you have an office area in a room, it would be a very appropriate to have a table lamp placed on top of the desk with the correct bulb wattage. This way you and anybody else will be able to read joyfully for hours.

Also floor lamps, track lighting, recessed lighting, table and desk lamps, pendants, and under cabinet lighting can be considered task lighting fixtures.

Floor lamps are a perfect solution for small spaces because they don’t take a lot of space, and with its three adjustable bulbs makes it a very flexible lighting alternative.

3. Accent Lighting is a perfect solution for enhancing indoor spaces in a creative way. Its main goal is to create a visual interest. Usually it is used to enhance paintings, sculptures, plants, and other accessories that through illumination can boost the beauty of the room. Recessed and tracking lighting as well as wall-mounted lights are the most used to accomplish these goals.

After going through all these types of lighting, we can conclude that lighting a space is not as easy as we thought but that doesn’t mean that is impossible; it just requires attention to the space, to the details and also to the needs of each individual using this space.

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