Corbett: Innovation & Beauty

Good home lighting makes a tremendous impact on how we feel. The right home lighting can make your surroundings feel spacious, clean and welcoming. It is instrumental in setting the mood of any room in the house.

A good home lighting plan should include task, general, and accent lights to provide lighting that is not only functional and effective but also fitting your decor and lifestyle.Light fixtures can change the tone of any room in your home and bring out the features you think are important and want to highlight.

Corbett Lighting has been creating and manufacturing gorgeous lighting for over four decades. Their commitment to original design and outstanding craftsmanship, combined with the finest glassware, shades, and natural materials, is the essence of Corbett lighting.

Corbett’s focus on combining unique artistic elements with traditional designs has resulted in an exceptional collection of lighting with many possibilities for your home, regardless of your decoration. These lighting designs are preferred simply because of the difference of luxury aesthetics they express, all at reasonable prices and accommodating all tastes.

Corbett has a range of collections within the product line, which makes it easier to create a single group for each room and according to the lighting needs of that room.

Farrey’s is honored to represent Corbett and its exclusive lighting offerings. Corbett represents a more upscale yet eclectic look. We have seen Corbett Lighting collections that do not exist anywhere else, which is difficult to do in the often-recycled fashion world of home lighting.

At Farrey’s our selection is favoring contemporary and modern designs, but we still feel strongly that the most important thing is finding the fixtures and lamps that work harmoniously in your home.

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