Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Usually ceiling fans are used inside the house; however, they also can be installed out of doors. There are many places you can actually set up a good outdoor ceiling fan; for example, in your balcony, patio, in your outdoor kitchen area, and if you have a swimming pool area with a ceiling, also an outdoor fan can be very practical.

Now, you’d be asking yourself why you would need a ceiling fan outdoors. In summer time, ceiling fans are perfect to give a nice breeze while driving away insect pests. Also, there are some ceiling fans that come combined with a light fixture, eliminating the need to purchase a separate outdoor lighting, bringing at the same time an extra element of décor.

Choosing an outdoor ceiling fan is basically the same as choosing an internal ceiling fan; though with some factors you need to consider, such as these:

Wet or Damp ceiling fans? Wet rated ceiling fans are designed for outdoor areas; they can tolerate wind, sun, rain and snow. On the other hand, damp rated ceiling fans can be installed in outdoor areas, but its exposure shouldn’t be directly to the elements mentioned before. Damp ceiling fans are usually good for indoors areas because they are manufactured to last longer compare to indoor ceiling fans.

What Size should be your Ceiling Fan? How big is your ceiling fan compared to the area would you like it to be installed? If you have a big area, it’s better to have a ceiling fan with an average size of 60”, but if your place is small, the size of the ceiling fan should be around 42”.  

Ceiling Fan Features you should consider: There are some features that definitely need to be taking into consideration when buying a ceiling fan; features such as the type of motor, the number of rotor blades and the number of speeds available can affect fan’s functionality. That’s why it’s important to understand each of these feature’s functions.

For those who end up going with an outdoor ceiling fan, we’d highly recommend to visit any of our showrooms or take a look at our website to find out which ceiling fan would best accommodate to your needs.

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