Ceiling Fans for Cooling vs. Ceiling Fans for Decorative Purposes

Ceiling Fans for Cooling vs. Ceiling Fans for Decorative Purposes

There are two different reasons people install ceiling fans in their homes: to keep cool while reducing their air conditioning bills and for decorative purposes.

The average single family home racks up a staggering annual total energy bill of $2200, with a significant portion of this expense due to air conditioning use. On average, air conditioning use amounts to 16 percent of your energy usage in your home. And if you live in a warmer climate, that number can jump up to a whopping 60 to 70 percent. One of the most effective ways to save money by reducing your air conditioning use without sacrificing comfort is to install an air conditioning ceiling fan in your home. An ac ceiling fan will make you feel between three to eight degrees cooler; as such, you can increase your air conditioning thermostat in the room where the ceiling fan is installed. Ultimately, if you increase your thermostat to account for the ceiling fan cooling and are diligent about only running your ceiling fan when people are in the room, you can expect to save an average of at least 15 percent on your annual total energy bill.

Ceiling fans are more than just functional—they can be fashionable too! Here at Farrey’s, we understand that our clients are interested in styling as well as comfort. That’s why we offer thousands of cool ceiling fans from more than a dozen manufactures that are designed with function as well as appearance in mind. Decoration with ceiling fans is an easy way to add a little pizzazz to your home while also saving money on your energy bills. If you want to install a functional yet decorative ceiling fan in your home, you can use Farrey’s Visual Shopper to quickly find the right ceiling fan for your décor. You can even customize your cool ceiling fan with our huge selection of motors, blades, downrods, controls, light kits, glass, and other fan accessories. If you think ceiling fans are eyesores, then you haven’t been to Farrey’s. Start a live chat, visit our showroom, or contact us at 888-854-5483 to speak with one of our specialists today and let us help you pick a ceiling fan for your home!

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