“Cascade” is leaving Farrey’s soon!!

Farrey’s Lighting & Bath is honored to be the only showroom to display and offer for sale the Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection piece “Cascade”. This magnificent piece was unveiled at Farrey’s main showroom on December 8th, 2011.

Unfortunately our favorite sparkling waterfall is leaving us soon! And we want you to see it before it’s gone. You’ll never see a sparkling waterfall like this again!

“Cascade” was designed by Vincent Van Duysen, an architect and designer from Belgium, internationally regarded for creating buildings, designs and products that exhibit a unique sense of quietude and tranquility.

“Cascade” was created for Swarovski Crystal Palace and is a magnificent torrent of light tumbling onto a table below. This decadent waterfall of crystal is composed of delicate chains of crystals intermingled with strands of LED lights, creating a real look-at-me spectacle.

The cascade chandelier is arguably the most stunning piece in the series. It has over 10,000 pieces of Swarovski Elements. This spectacular fixture differs to traditional crystal chandeliers because it can be hung from the ceiling to puddle on the floor or over a table. It is also available as a floor mount version. It uses strings of LEDS-2066 x.5W and weights 584 pounds. What a wonderful piece of crystal jewelry for a modern house!

Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by and view this enchanting piece!

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